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Free Plugins

                                                              These plugins below are free to use.

This is a powerful, simple to use Compressor/limiter. The attack and release for both the Compressor mode and limit mode are at a fixed fine tuned rate. Its small and low on CPU. Crank the gain until it feels right and then set the DB-Out. This is only a windows plugin. Sorry mac, but maybe one day. The 32bit version is stable. The 64bit version may have a bug or too. Please email at [email protected] if you want to report a bug.
A 31 band  EQ made for mastering tracks or fixing frequencies on any sound. People who love graphic EQ's and need all the bands they can get, this is the solution. Boost frequencies or notch them completely out with adjustable band width and frequency.

The Vocal-King plugin! It’s been my dream to make a Vocal Plugin. The idea of this plugin is to simply bring out the presence and clarity in vocals. This is free and only windows 32bit version. It is also way higher in CPU than the paid version. The paid version supports mac, windows, vst2, vst3, 32bit, 64bit. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if your country does not support PayPal or for price reduction if needed.

If you can use 32bit plugins in your music daw, you might well try the C1-EQ10 plugin up above. It's cheap can gives much flexibility. It pretty much does the same thing as the vocal king just with a different style. Plus you can use a de-esser and eq too. It's way better that the free vocal king on cpu too.