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Paid Plugins: Scroll down to find more! Always test the plugins before buying.

Vocal King Plugin: Dynamic effect guaranteed to help vocals sit in the mix.


Please make sure you download the Vocal King and test it in your music daw before buying.

Mac: It appears there may be issues with logic pro and reaper, please make sure you test first.



1. Vocal King supports MAC/Windows/32bit/64bit/VST2/VST3/AU. Supports MAC OS X 10.7 / Windows 7 and higher. Older systems may not work.

2. Causes vocals to stand out in a mix by giving them amazing presence, clarity, and compression.

3. Easy to use interface for fast results.

4, Meters show gain reduction after 0db.

5. Very CPU efficient compared to other types of vocal plugins.

6. Fast license file. As soon as I realize that I have been paid through Paypal, I will send a license file. No ILok, No online activation.
7. Can be used on many other sounds also.


    The pres compressor knob is the main work horse of the Vocal King. Turning the pres knob up turns up the gain and brings out the presence in the vocal along with giving it a smooth compression. Low cut, tighten, and bass works with the pres compressor to help take out the mud without making the vocal sound too thin. The crispy knob give highs some sparkle that many will find satisfying. Final compressor gives that extra compression to the vocal to make it sound thick. DB output turns the volume down. Use the power switch to quickly hear the difference between dry and processed. A, B, C, D, modes, I will let you find out what that means. The meters show gain reduction after signal is past 0db.

Best Practice for first time use 

    Keep P Limit and F Limit switch down. Turn Pres knob up and a little on the final knob. See the meters on both go past 0 db into the red zone. The red zone shows gain reduction on how much compression amount there is. Don't push too much into the red zone. Maybe just hitting around 0 to 3db into the red zone. Next use the tighten knob, then bass, then low cut, then crispy. Finally turn DB Output down to match instrumental. Go back to the others and re adjust until your vocals fit nice into the instrumental. You could also use an EQ before or after the Vocal King for finer detail. Done.

J-Hammer: Easy to use compressor for any signal and even a built in De-Esser.


Please make sure you test in your daw before buying. The 64bit version is still in working progress and may have bugs using the plugin. 

1. J-Hammer supports Windows 32bit and 64bit. Mac version will be out at some point down the road.
2. Noise gate unwanted noise, amp the signal, compress it, filter it, and even add clip distortion. Then blend the original sound with the Dry/Wet knob.
3. Easy to use interface for fast results.
4. Led indicators for compressor and de-esser that glow from green to red depending how much the signal is compressed.
5. As soon as I realize that the payment went through, I will send you the full version.
7. CPU level is fairly lite compared to many other plugins like it.
J-Hammer XL:  Excellent channel strip for Eq'ing, compressing, distortion, De-Essing and you name it.
1. J-Hammer XL supports Windows 32bit as of now. 64bti windows will be out soon. Mac will be out later down the road.
2. The J-Hammer XL is the bigger brother to the J-Hammer! Compress and distort, eq, and filter any signal to perfection. This means, drums, bass            guitar, vocals, and any other form of sound.
3. You want that fat 808 kick bass line? Use the tape distortion.
4. Easy to read compression meters.
5. Functions include noise gate, input control, stereo enhancer, eq, extra filters, tape distortion, compressor, de-esser, clipper, dry/wet knob, and              volume out.
6. As soon as I realize payment went through, I will send you the full version.

1. Noise gate: Simple to use with adjustable attack and release. The input goes here first. When the red led comes on that means the signal is cut.
2. Input Ctrl: This allows for turning a stereo track into mono. There are many other options too like mono ex which removes middle content like                 removing vocals for instance.

3. Width: This gives the sound a wider sound by delaying the left channel or right channel by a few milliseconds.

4. 10 band semi parametric eq: This eq has 10 bands. Under each slider there is hertz and BW "band width" which are adjustable. This means you          can zero into the frequency needed to boost or cut. Range allows up to 12db per band or even -12db for reverse sliders effect. 

5. Filters: LA Filter works like low cut but in a different way. If the low cut is too high, LA Filter will not work. High cut is at the end of the chain.

6. Tape Distortion: Drive will push more distortion. Mud will make the lower end more distorted while harsh will make the higher end more distorted. 

7. Compressor: This has threshold, attack and release. When attack is 0 it works like a limiter. Int means the compressor works normal. When set to       ext this works for side chaining from an outside source. This works in FL but don't know if it works in other Daws because I don't know how side             chaining works for other Daws.

8. De-Esser: Threshold and frequency and makeup. Freq sets the range in which you want to de ess the signal. Normally women have higher sss             frequency range where males have a lower range, but set it to whatever works for your vocals.

9. Output: Clipper. This clips the signal. Dry-Wet, mixes between dry signal and processed signal. Makeup, this is for final output volume.